Ten Signs That You Are #MTE

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Your favorite “not a blogger” is back to refresh the original #MTE (Mets Twitter Elite) article and give it a new home at metsonmymind.wordpress.com.

So what was the most groundbreaking event on #MetsTwitter so far this offseason? Signing Curtis Granderson? Signing Bartolo Colon? Jill’s nipple slip? Signing Chris Young? Tanna getting arrested? 50 Cent performing at Citi Field on June 14?

Nope! The answer is none of those. That’s right, the most talked about item is the creation of #MTE. And it’s not losing steam anytime soon.

I have gotten a lot of questions lately asking who and what is #MetsTwitterElite. It’s basically a very small group of Mets fans that were losers throughout their entire lives and were most likely bullied in high school. They have formed an allegiance of sorts on Twitter, where they can hide behind their keyboards and not face reality. Since they were never “cool kids” in real life they have turned to Twitter to try and act cool. Most people see right through this act.

I have been called many nasty things by #MTE since I wrote the first article. The #MTE All-Star roster, which you can find on http://dlongo1.wordpress.com/2013/12/09/mte-official-roster/, also ruffled some feathers. My favorite insult is when they called me immature for creating such a thing, yet they attempted and failed badly to ridicule fans they do not deem worthy. Can anyone say hypocritical? I guess mature stuff in their feeble minds is TRAID jokes, silly grade school level puns and old people jokes.

#MTE has turned this harmless joke into an all-out personal attack. This further proves what type of people they are. Thank God they are a very small and non-influential group of Mets “fans.” The original article has made them, as well as some bloggers who won’t be named, very angry. They are mad that I’m not a blogger but still garnered way more attention than they ever have despite trying very hard every single day.

There are many exciting things coming to the #MTE brand in the near future. One of them is my weekly #MTE Twitter Recap where I will post all of the best (err, I should say worst #MTE tweets) of that week. So if I favorite one of your tweets, look out for it in the #MTE Twitter Recap!

Almost every single person has read the original #MTE Top 10, but it needed a new outlet and I touched it up a bit. So see below…

1. MTE will use the word “TRAID,” which is completely corny and makes no sense. They giggle like schoolgirls when they use it.

2. MTE will type in all caps and spell words wrong, another extremely corny thing. I’m not sure who they are mocking other than themselves. An example of this is something like this: “SAAANDEE Y U N SINE NEONE!!!” They also add “zzzz” to end of the words, such as “RINGZZZ” and “WRONGZZ.”

3. MTE will use silly puns on players’ names. Words can’t describe how corny this is. Some examples are “BYRD IS THE WYRD,” “IMWITH28,” “BUCKSHOT” and “MOARCOWGILL.” I’m not sure how much lamer it can get, but I’m sure it will only get worse this season.

4. MTE thinks Lucas Duda is a good baseball player. This needs no further words.

5. MTE loves Sandy Alderson despite him being one the worst general managers in the history of baseball.

6. MTE will blame Omar Minaya for everything wrong with the Mets today, even though as of now none of Omar’s dead money is left on the books. They also refuse to give him credit for drafting Matt Harvey, signing Carlos Beltran and R.A. Dickey, Dealing Beltran and Dickey eventually turned into Zack Wheeler, Noah Syndergaard and Travis d’Arnaud.

7. MTE will use obscure advanced stats to try and convince people that minor leaguers are better than they actually are. In reference to #4, this is why some think bums like Duda and Josh Satin can platoon first base and it will be competent. Absolutely ridiculous.

8. MTE will call every non-Met injury prone, but will never say that about David Wright. A great example is calling Matt Kemp injury prone, even though he played more games than Wright since 2008.

9. MTE loves to attempt to bully and pile on others that disagree with them or they deem not worthy. They pounce on people new to Twitter who ask for follow backs. But in person they’d cower and apologize. I guess since they got bullied their entire lives they try to flip the switch while hiding behind a keyboard.

10. MTE @ button on Twitter must be broken, they subtweet and laugh about it.

I’m pretty sure I have missed a few examples and points, but I figured these 10 steps will help you weed out the MTE from your Twitter following list. Please feel free to give me some more examples so we can all educate the masses and not let these people ruin our once great fan base.

With all that said, I will say this: we all want the same thing, MTE included. We want a consistent winner in Queens. We are the most passionate fan base in all of baseball. I guarantee, unlike our crosstown rival, that if and when we make the playoffs every seat will be filled for every game, whether it be a mong, lunatic, pessimist, optimist…or even a Mets Twitter Elitist.

Let’s go Mets! #LGM

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2 thoughts on “Ten Signs That You Are #MTE

  1. I like this article. Now I know who and what #MTE is. I did miss the nipple slip mentioned but I’m sure that was much to do about nothing.
    Also, I think the previous comment should read, “YOAR popularity is amazing.” If they were being honest.

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