The United States of Wrightmerica

The United States of Wrightmerica

David Wright may not be the official captain of the New York Mets, but he has already been donned Captain America in the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

This is the same man who was denied a start at third base in the 2012 All-Star Game. The same man who was robbed of a Gold Glove last season. He had arguably the best season of his career, yet did not receive the proper recognition. Now the world knows: he is the leader of Team USA.

He is hitting for opposite field power, finding pitches to hit outside of the strike zone and flashing his leather. Wright sliced up some grand salami for Italy to feast on this past weekend and accounted for five of Team USA’s seven RBIs last night against Puerto Rico.

Never have I been so proud to be an American. Actually, I am half Korean and half white and tend to embrace my Asian heritage. I was rooting for Korea in the World Baseball Classic, but now it’s USA all the day.

And Wright is the reason for my newfound patriotism.


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