“Meet the 2012 Mets”

By Michael Mandelkern

“Bring your kiddies, bring your wife/Guaranteed to have the time of your life/Because the Mets are really sockin’ the ball/Knockin’ those home runs over the wall.”

These lyrics come from the original New York Mets fight song “Meet the Mets,” written by Ruth Roberts and Bill Katz. It debuted in 1961, one year prior to their major league season debut. The team finished with a historically bad 40-120 record in 1962. The Amazins have far surpassed their first season wins total already: 65-72 with 25 more games to go and a remote chance of finishing .500.

For the most part families have not been having the times of their lives, as the song suggests. The Mets have lost 35 out of their 65 home games thus far in 2012. And the lineup is seldom “knockin’ those home runs over the wall” compared to the rest of the National League. Their 116 home runs are tied with the hysterically awful Astros  (42-95) for 12th out of the NL’s 16 teams.

The Mets have 14 less bombs than the average NL team and fall 23 short of the MLB average. On the other side of town, the New York Yankees are living up to their Bronx Bombers reputation with an MLB-leading 204 homers. The Mets are tied with the Astros for 25th out of 30 major league teams in home runs.

Maybe the Mets should call themselves the Queens Beans because they hardly sock the ball hard at all. The team does not rank in the top five of the NL in any major offensive category, but hey, at least they lead the NL in pinch hits with 56. A fan has to take pride in any insignificant statistic that ranks the team number one. The 2012 version of “Meet the Mets” should be, “The Mets have really been in free fall/Once over .500, now not a contender at all.”


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